Card Management FAQs

What happens when I lock my card?
As soon as you lock your card, DVCU will not allow any new purchases or cash advances.
Does Card Management really work instantly?
Yes, Card Management takes effect instantly upon locking or unlocking your card.
If one card on an account is locked, can other cardholders still use their card?
Each cardholder has a different card number, the lock feature is applied independently to each card.
How long will my card stay locked?
If the card remains locked for more than 31 days, a DVCU team member will contact you to get further information.
Can I replace a damaged card while my card is locked?
You can’t replace a damaged card (e.g. if the magnetic strip is worn) and get one with the same number while the card is locked. As long as you’re in possession of the damaged card, you can unlock it and order a replacement.