Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments FAQs

What Are ACH Payments?
ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments are a way to simplify your monthly bill paying. This is a convenient form of bill paying commonly used with utility and retail vendors such as your power company or cell phone provider. Funds are electronically transferred from your account to your designated payment destination.
How Do I Setup Electronic Payments?
To set up electronic payments, you should contact your utility provider and/or retail vendor. Often, you can enroll in automatic payments directly from their specific websites or you may have to complete a paper form.
Which Account Will My Payments Come Out Of?
Payments may be made from your checking or primary savings account. Keep in mind that some utility companies or other vendors may not allow you to debit a savings account. Click here for a printable ACH form example.
Information for Payments Debiting Your Checking Account
Provide the DVCU ABA Routing Transit Number (322172807) and your 10 digit checking account number. This information may be found at the bottom of your check.
Check Image for ACH
Information for Payments Debiting Your Savings Account
Provide our ABA Routing Transit Number (322172807) and your six digit savings account number.
Can Payments Be Debited From Other Account Types?
Please contact a credit union representative for more information.