eGuard for Visa Debit Cards

eGuard is a risk-based 3D Secure solution that provides an extra layer of security for eCommerce (online) transactions.

eGuard FAQ's

Will DVCU Visa debit cardholders have to enroll?
No, cardholders are automatically enrolled in the service.
Will cardholders be required to create a password?
Cardholder authentication will be done via a one-time password (OTP). The OTP will be sent to the cardholder via SMS text message.
Will cardholders have to enter a one-time password for all eGuard transactions?
No, because eGuard utilizes a sophisticated risk-based fraud model, the vast majority of the eCommerce transactions that are processed as a 3D Secure transaction by the merchant will go through with no interruption. Cardholders will only be declined or asked to authenticate when the activity is suspicious.
What is the short code (displayed number of SMS text message sender) for the text message?
Messages will come from short code 732-873.
How will the message read?
Example: 262118 is the One time Passcode (OTP) for your card ending with 1036.

Will all of my eCommerce transactions now process through eGuard?
No. In order for an eCommerce transaction to process through eGuard, the merchant must participate in 3D Secure and send as a 3D Secure transaction. Today, less than 5% of all eCommerce transactions are processed as 3D Secure—however, this volume is expected to dramatically increase over the next few years due to increases in card-not-present fraud.
What happens on a transaction where the cardholder needs to authenticate and DVCU doesn’t have a cell phone number on file for the cardholder?
If there is no cell phone number on file, then eGuard will present Knowledge Based Questions to the cardholder to answer during the checkout process.

Data and text charges may apply. Check with your mobile provider.