Creating a Happy Holiday Budget

How do you own your holiday spending?

The first step to a financially successful holiday season is a list. In fact, you learned in childhood that having a list, and checking it twice, is part of the holiday preparation process.

Every year, members mention that the “holidays just snuck up on me” or they “can’t believe how many last-minute presents I have to buy.” The solution is a list. Sit down before you start your online shopping, walk up to a store window or check the sales in the paper. Write down a budget next to each of the following:

  1. People you will be gifting (include shipping fees, wrapping paper, stocking stuffers)
  2. Events you want to attend (remember outfit, dish to share, hostess gift)
  3. Trips you are taking (factor in airfare, baggage fees, gas, hotel, pet sitter)
  4. Cards you need to send (ask yourself about cash, gift cards and postage)
  5. Meals you will prepare (think appetizers, main course, drinks, cookies for bake sales)
  6. Donations you plan to make (consider church, angel trees, shelters)
  7. Decorations you intend to display (plan for interior, exterior and yard)
  8. Overnight guests you will be entertaining (include food, toiletries, bedding)

Can a budget really create a stress-free holiday?

Absolutely. It may seem like a lot to consider on the front end but the hour or two you invest before you start spending will save you money, frustration and time.

  • Less financial stress
  • Less last-minute stress
  • Less distracting stress

What can Deer Valley Credit Union do to help?

When you open a Holiday Savings account, you can use a payroll deduction or automatic transfer to deduct a set amount from another DVCU account, building your holiday budget with no minimum balance requirement.

Start Your Holiday Savings

Or, if you need a little financial breathing room, Deer Valley Credit Union has the ideal holiday loan for you. It’s easy to apply for an unsecured loan that won’t lead to stress in the new year.

Apply for a Personal Loan

Happy Holiday Tip

Don’t forget the batteries. Watch for sales and stock up in advance.

Wishing you health, wealth, good cheer and happiness. Now, go own your holiday season!

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