Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the DVCU membership and is comprised of volunteers who are member-owners of the credit union. All activities shall comply with appropriate regulations and law. All decisions should be guided by the best interest of Deer Valley Credit Union members.

Upcoming Board Election: Three Positions Available

As a member-owner of Deer Valley Credit Union, you have a unique opportunity to elect fellow members to serve on our board of directors. We have three open board positions that will be filled through an election at our Annual Meeting on March 24, 2018. Each position is a 3-year term, and below is a brief job description and summary of the qualification requirements. Members interested in serving as a director and contributing to the overall direction of the credit union must submit their name and qualifications to the Nominating Committee by December 31, 2017.

Members not chosen by the nominating committee to run for a board position have the option of submitting a petition with the signatures of 160 eligible Deer Valley Credit Union members to the secretary of the Deer Valley Credit Union. Deer Valley Credit Union election procedures do not provide for nominations from the floor during the Annual Meeting.

For more information, contact Robb Scott at 602.375.7318 or or through the mail at Deer Valley Credit Union Nominating Committee, 16215 N. 28th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85053.

Qualification Requirements

  • A member in good standing at Deer Valley Credit Union for a minimum of one year
  • Has the ability and willingness to devote time and talent to preparation and participation in board meetings, committee meetings, special projects, assignments and independent study
  • Has the ability to take and handle criticism for making necessary but unpopular decisions
  • Has an open mind, the ability to use sound judgment, a willingness to accept responsibility, and the ability to make group decisions with fellow board members
  • Has a demonstrated desire to learn about the credit union, the services, laws, and regulations that govern it, and the responsibilities of a board member
  • A combination of work experience, education and demographic representation that is appropriate for the position


To set policy, plan the credit union’s course, ensure the credit union maintains its sound financial condition, keep communication open to educate members on services, hire and review the chief executive officer’s progress in achieving goals and objectives, and report to the members at the Annual Meeting. All activities shall comply with appropriate regulations and law. All decisions will be guided by the best interest of Deer Valley Credit Union members. Directors will receive an annual paid stipend for their service.

Current Board Members

Harold Kinch, Chairman
Chris Urness, Vice Chairman
Ed Frick, Secretary
Steve Wolfe, Treasurer
Janet Burgett Martin
Frank Martinson
Dennis McDonald
Melanie Merrill
JJ Petersen
Roger Zollinger